Scars & Messy tattoo Cover ups:

Tattoos can be very effective to cover up scars or other messy tattoos that have been made earlier on your skin. However the fact is that the scars can only be covered up nicely if they are thin. In case the area is badly mutilated with scars then the tattoo that covers them would still show the scars from below. At the same time a fully healed raised scar also shows through the tattoo too. Many scars look very grotesque and can be a huge turn off for people. These scars can be made from burn mark, accident marks or blemishes. People want to keep them covered to make it look a little better. We do effective covering up of scars and messy tattoo cover ups. At the same time we also like to educate our clients about these scars so that you can decide if it is worth spending money and bearing pain for these. You need to have prior knowledge of things mentioned below so as to have the best quality tattoos. The procedure of covering up scars and messy tattoos with a fresh tattoo is a very tedious process and at times it can be very painful too.

Some of the things are mentioned below so as to ensure that you get the best quality of tattoos to cover up your scars.

  • The scar that needs to be covered should be at least a year old before you contemplate on getting it tattooed. Tattooing on a fresh scar can be cumbersome and painful and at times it may open up the wound again too. The older the scar gets the better are the chances of its getting inked properly.
  • You should take the pain levels into due consideration as well. Often the amount of pain that one experiences is not worth getting the results. This is because scar tattooing is usually more painful than regular tattooing as the normal tissues are less sensitive than scar tissues. Unless the nerve endings that caused the scar have been completely destroyed; the pain levels are usually very high as in comparison to a normal tattoo. Therefore this factor should be taken into due consideration before you even plan on taking up a scar tissue covering up procedure. Moreover we also educate our clients about the fact that the tattoo artists have to prick the same spot again and again for tattooing. Therefore in case you have the capacity to bear the pain, then only you should go in for getting tattoo made to cover up an old wound scar.
  • At our tattoo studio we insist that you should take the doctor’s advice before getting your scar covered with a tattoo. Sometimes you might feel that you know the best; but your doctor’s advice can alter your decisions completely. Realistically speaking if your doctor gives a medical reason why you should not have a tattoo made, you should pay heed to that advice as that could be very valuable. However, once you get a go ahead from your doctor then we can easily help you to give the most effective scar cover up with our proficient tattoo making designs
  • Though we do effective scar cover-ups however in case you still have any apprehensions about our skills or its effectiveness, then you can see the before and after pictures of the ones that we have already covered. This can help you to make your decisions correctly.
  • We have experts in our studio who can actually examine the scar and can also tell you about the end results. Sometimes even if it is medically okay to cover the scar with a tattoo, but then skin that covers the scar is such that it is not smooth. In that case even if a tattoo is made, it would not be very appealing. This means that the line work would not be as crisp and the colors would not be sharp and bright as done on an undamaged skin. Thus there would be noticeable difference on the tattoo. However our tattoo studio informs you of all the shortcomings and at the same time we perform it in a manner that is best suited for your individual requirements. We first evaluate the scar and then we even ink a small portion to see if it would take the ink or not. Sometimes the burn marks that you want to get covered do not take the inks properly. Therefore we first start with a small sample patch, and if it works to your expectations then we incorporate the design to cover it into a bigger tattoo that can fully cover up the scar effectively. Our aim is to completely cover the scar or at least work in a manner that would be able to complement the scar to the very least. The scar can at least be disguised with a certain amount of colored inks and it can further be camouflaged with the design. The tattoos for scar cover ups are also useful for covering up stretch marks that one might get at the time of deliveries or after the weight gain and subsequent weight loss. Covering it up with a tattoo is a good option that has to be considered again after evaluating all the conditions.
  • The first thing that we take in to consideration is to see how old and deep the stretch marks are. Is it a faint line or is it deep and dark? We always feel that though we are great artists, but we are not endowed with magical powers therefore the stretch marks would not magically disappear. If it is a big and an old stretch mark that has not lightened for many years then we think of a design that would help us to incorporate it into the design thereby covering it
  • We also like to caution our clients that in case of scar tissue cover ups the nerve endings are closer to the skin surface therefore the process of getting a tattoo made is more painful than the normal tattooing procedure. It is our duty to inform our clients about the same. Also the fact that the needles working on scarred skin require more passes for pigments to take the color resulting in a more painful experience. Therefore it depends on our clients’ pain bearing capacity before we take in tattooing the scar.

Our tattoo artists are experts in not only the design aspect rather they are fully aware of covering up scars and stretch marks. Even the best of the artists may not be highly familiar with this technique. The artists in our studio are known in the industry for giving you the best results. After seeing your specific case we also advice peels or microdermabrasions; which help in rejuvenating the skin so that it is able to receive the tattoo better. At times if need be, we also suggest that you go in for a trial of scar tattoo cover up. This would help you to monitor the tattoo so that you are able to see how it heals. If everything goes as per your expectations then you can probably go in for the entire scar cover up tattoo from us. Rest assured your satisfaction is guaranteed by us!

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